Social Engagement

Mastering the Social Environment

Where to Find Job Seekers / Prospective Students

It can take some time, depending upon who and where you look for prospective students. But the whole effort can be stopped cold depending upon how you reach out to them. How they respond will make the difference between success and failure. 

Facebook, Twitter, and Elsewhere

We go where the prospective students and job seekers go. We listen, find, and engage. With a model that encompasses both organic traffic, social engagement, and PPC, each data set gives clues and feeds into the other.


Facebook is one place, but we listen to the whole Eco-sphere of social interaction. Facebook integration takes a bit more finesse than most organizations understand or can muster. Know how to go viral and knowing how to pay 50% less for your bids come from long hours of trial and error, but once success is found, the rewards benefit our clients.

Google Authorship and the End of Anon

You can still browse anonymously, but try to run a business or promote a site anonymously, and you won’t get very far. Knowing this landscape is more than just blogging about it, but integrating your meta tags, your social sphere and more.