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PPC Campaigns

00010-ppcPay Per Click Advertising

More Than a Steady Flow of Leads

PPC campaigns, when tracked in a certain way, provide valuable insights into both organic traffic generation and social engagement.

Full Spectrum PPC

While there are always the usual suspects when it comes to PPC campaigns such as Adwords, Facebook, and Bing, other venues offer little tapped sources for steady, focused traffic and consistent conversions. Similar to Baltic Mediterranean Avenue in Monopoly, these little gems can keep on giving, while the big fish are competing fiercely for the bright lights and big names like Boardwalk and Park Place.

We manage our own campaigns are are paid for performance only. While some clients who also engage in ad buys might think PPC competition is not welcome, owning two or three spots on the homepage of Google does work out for some clients and they welcome the additional coverage.