trusted-200wIf you are a college or university looking for prospective students, we can help. We are experienced in matching prospective students to accredited degree offerings. We start by creating trusted career destinations, where prospective student leads are developed and nurtured.

Trusted Career and Education Web Destinations

We specialize in creating and promoting content rich career-and-education related web sites. These destination points for job seekers and prospective students are robust and trustworthy environment where it is easy to find jobs and degree offering that best match the career goals of individuals.

Each of our sites offer some amazing benefits to students wanting to advance their career. We use a number of proven data points that benefit students and create a trustworthy environment for the best possible enrollment leads.

The ‘Google’ of Job Search

We provide more job listings than and CareerBuilder combined. We can do that because, unlike Monster and CareerBulder, employers do not pay us to list their jobs with us. We seek out and pull in all jobs listed on the Internet. This helps job-seekers in a number of ways they may not even be aware of.15891115-now-hiring-and-job-search-concept-in-word-tag-cloud-on-white-background

  • First, thousands of prospective job seekers are not corralled into a small number of employer’s hands.
  • With more jobs listed than Monster and CareerBuilder combined, the job seekers win out, not the employer. Job seekers find more jobs to apply to.
  • and CareerBuiler, and other for-profit job boards, consolidate more job seekers for each job, making for very high competition for each job listed there.
  • Job postings, because they do not get the exposure on a for-profit only job board, will get fewer applications. Job seekers will have a better chance against their competition.
  • Monster and CareerBulder offer one-click application process. The easy application process makes it too easy for less than qualified applicants to send in their resume. Hiring managers are inundated with resumes, often times overwhelmed with hundreds upon hundreds of applications that they can not possibly sort through.

Accredited Online and Campus Degree Search

RegionsMapWe offer prospective students accredited degree offerings from colleges and universities. We do not list schools that are unaccredited.

  • Often, no waiting lists. Nurses, for example, can be on wait lists that are one, two or more years long. If you are a nurse looking to start classes at an accredited college or university, you can find them on our sites.
  • Schools offering online degrees often have accelerated programs for motivated students.

Career Advice from Hiring Managers & Career Experts

What We Do Not Create

We define ourselves not only by who we are, but also by who we are not.less more

  • There are thousands of ways to go in this world. We find that when it comes to intangibles, less is often times more. Less advertising, more trust. Less pushy, more leads. Less pandering, more visits.
  • We do not create sites that maximize lead generation revenue for us. We do not funnel students into a limited number of degree offerings where we maximize our lead payouts. That is a disservice to our audience, and a short cut to long term audience building and revenue generation.
  • We create environments with a limited number of ad spots and distractions.